The Democrat-controlled Rhode Island Senate approved state taxpayer funding for abortion-on-demand yesterday by a vote of 24 to 12, the Democrat-controlled Rhode Island House of Representatives having approved the same on April 27 by a vote of 49 to 24.

The measure was opposed by all of the Republicans in both chambers, as well as by 8 Democratic State Senators, 15 Democratic State Representatives, and one Independent State Representative.

Not to be outdone by the giddiness of the Democrat bill proponents, Democrat Governor Dan “let-their-blood-be-on-me” McKee held a bill-signing party in his office immediately upon passage.

Further observations, analysis, and reflections, and other threats, will be posted next week. In the meantime, this political fight along with the nearly-crushing volume of clients at our pregnancy center have left us very far behind in promoting our annual Oratory Contest and, especially, our annual fundraising banquet to support our Ancora Mobile Ultrasound Pregnancy Center. Consequently, our numbers are presently very low for next Thursday’s banquet. Please see below and join us if you are able.

Please Register ASAP for Ancora Mobile Ultrasound Banquet

Thursday, May 25. at the Quidnesset Country Club. For details and registration, CLICK HERE or visit Please consider registering as a table host and inviting others from your church! Contact with questions.

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Oratory Contest RESCHEDULED for Thursday, June 1

Our annual pro-life oratory contest for high school students has been rescheduled for Thursday June 1. $1500 in cash scholarships and an all-expenses paid trip to the national contest in Pittsburgh, PA await the winners. Please email with questions or to confirm that you will participate.

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