“May the hand of a friend always be near you.”

An Irish Blessing

Right to Life Services Inc. was founded in 1979 to respond to those problems a young mother may face either in making a decision about having an abortion or in moving forward with her decision to carry her child to term. Right to Life Services is able to help ease the burden of these mothers with material assistance and friendship.

We serve approximately 1,000 women and their families each year. This number includes about 150 “newborn packages.” These package contain gowns, “sleep & plays,” T-shirts, a heavy blanket, receiving blankets, bibs, washcloths, a sweater, hat, and bootie set, and diapers. Sometimes miscellaneous items such as shampoo, baby soap, lotion and wipes are included. Toddlers also are often given clothing, diapers, and toiletries.

Although we occasionally purchase new clothing and bassinets using donations from individuals, most of the items we give out are donated to us either brand new or “gently used.” Right to Life Services maintains a small “food pantry” that provides baby food and formula in emergency situations. Pregnant moms can come in and help themselves to the maternity clothes we have.

Part of our service is to provide referrals to appropriate agencies for assistance with medical needs, housing, adoption, food programs, and post-abortion counseling.

Right to Life Services is blessed to have several devoted volunteers. Two of our longest serving “helpers” are Erma and Louise, who help sort our clothing every Wednesday morning. With the help of Linda Notte, a counselor in the Life and Family Ministry office of the Diocese of Providence and Father James Ruggieri, Pastor of St. Patrick’s Church, we began a Project Gabriel/Mother’s Support Group.

We have been encouraged by the positive response of the young women who have participated in the group. This relaxing and informal get together gives moms a chance to discuss issues of importance to them, such as communication, relationships, and how to deal with stress.

A line in an Irish blessing says, “May the hand of a friend always be near you.” We hope that the mothers who come here for material help, counseling, or support can feel that hand when they arrive and when they leave.

If you would like to make a donation of material goods or to volunteer some time to help us support Life here in Rhode Island, please call Peggy at (401) 521-1860 or click here to contact us.

All donations are tax deductible when made to Right to Life Services. To make a donation of money, please send a check made out to Right to Life Services and mail to:

Right to Life Services
c/o Peg Lavallee
P.O. BOX 28285
Providence, RI 02908