Rhode Island Right to Life was founded in 1960. We have been committed to the sanctity of human life for over 50 years.

Rhode Island Right to Life’s mission is to advocate for a state, nation and world in which the innocent lives of the unborn, the disabled, the elderly, and the ill are cherished by the citizenry and protected by civil law.

Each year, we lobby for legislation that advances the cause of the Sanctity of Human Life at both the state and federal levels. To see RI Right to Life’s Legislative Package for this year, please click here.

Political Action

RIRTL has state and federal political action committees. This allows us to identify, support, and endorse pro-life candidates for our membership.

Mary Ellen McQueeney-Lally Esq. is our lobbyist at the RI State House. Each year, we bring a pro-life legislative package to the Rhode Island General Assembly.

Right to Life Education

RIRTL holds conferences and gives talks to groups from churches and other organizations that have an interest in the pro-life issues. Through our Education Fund, we maintain a comprehensive library of books, pamphlets, and videos on pro-life issues. The library is open to the public during our office hours. We also use these funds to put up posters and billboards across the state of Rhode Island that promote life issues and help women with unplanned pregnancies.

Outreach to Pregnant Women

Right to Life Services networks with visiting nurses, social workers, and other organizations that refer their clients to us for help. In 2005, we saw over 1,000 clients. We are currently working with the Diocese of Providence by hosting The Gabriel Project. This gives young mothers in the area an opportunity to learn parenting skills and connect with necessary agencies in order to provide them with the expertise to offer their children a more stable and healthy environment.


Rhode Island Right to Life is affiliated with the National Right to Life Committee, Inc. (NRLC) in Washington, D.C. RIRTL is a member of the board of directors of NRLC, and we attend their quarterly board meetings.

We are proud to work with the Diocese of Providence liaisons for the Diocesan Respect Life Committee and the Diocesan Legislative Liaison to the RI State House.

Right to Life Information

Our website is maintained with information about upcoming events, legislation, and the life issues. RIRTL publishes a quarterly newsletter, Right to Life News, for its state-wide membership. We are the only state-wide, pro-life, non-denominational organization in Rhode Island. We recognize that the right to life is not only a moral issue, but a civil rights issue as well. We seek to work with other groups that believe in protecting the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death.

Membership Drive

Each year we have a membership drive in January. With a check of thirty dollars, you can become a member of RI Right to Life, receive our quarterly newsletter, and become a part of our National and State Legislative E-mail and Phone Tree Alert lists. Please click here to become a member.