Why should pro-lifers bother to register to vote and then VOTE?

Dear Friend of Life,

There is an old African proverb that says: “sticks in a bundle can not be broken”. You see that alone most sticks can be broken but when gathered together they become one and they all become stronger. In an organized combination “sticks” can build fences, walls, even buildings.

Alone, you and I may just be sticks but together we can even build a “culture of life.”

The same is true in elections. Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.”

Unfortunately too many good people are not participating in the political public policy process. When pro-lifers fail to vote babies lose.

In order to participate you need to be registered to vote. In Rhode Island there are 832,970 people over 18 years of age but only 415,600 voted in 2004. That is less than half of the people who should be eligible. And at least half of those people who voted, voted for the loser!

Only one of every four people voted for the winner. The election is actually decided by all of the people who do not vote. We need every pro-lifer to register to vote. A few extra people in each precinct can make the difference especially in Primary elections when even fewer people vote.

Elections can be very close and the difference between winning and losing a pro-life legislator may be only one or two votes per precinct.

Many people may think they are registered but if you move or get married and change your name you are not registered to vote. If you have not voted in the past couple of elections you should check to see if you are registered.

If you know anyone who has turned 18, married or moved in the past two years you should ask them to register to vote.

Remember, the last date you can register to vote for the September 12th Primary is August 12th.

Together we can all do something to save a life today.

For their Lives,

Rita Parquette RN
Executive Director
RI State Right to Life Committee, Inc.