Webster’s Newly Revised University Dictionary defines civics as “The branch of political science concerned with civil affairs.” The word “civil” is defined by the same dictionary as “Of or relating to citizens and their relations with the state.”

Politics and citizen involvement with the making of laws that reflect the values of the majority of citizens in our state and nation is one aspect of Rhode Island Right to Life that is fundamental to the mission of our organization. We hope to develop the following pages to include in-depth information about the workings of government and the importance of citizen participation in that government.

It is not enough for us, as United States citizens, to be opposed to legislation that murders pre-born babies or any of the weak and vulnerable in American. We must actively promote the culture of life by participating in the political process. The pro-life movement in Rhode Island and the nation must identify and promote pro-life candidates and must continue to bring to our general assembly pro-life legislation that will limit abortions to the point of making it unprofitable for abortion clinics to continue financially. Our goal is to make Rhode Island an Abortion-Free Zone. We have seen incremental legislation work in other states. It can work here as well.

Please take seriously your obligation to become a Citizen Lobbyist and sign up for our E-mail Legislative Alert List so we can send you information about hearings and floor votes on our bills submitted to the Rhode Island General Assembly.

Our Rhode Island Congressional Delegation also needs to be contacted when pro-life legislation is being heard and voted on in the U. S. Congress in Washington, D.C. We will keep you up to date about when and why to call the members of Rhode Island’s Congressional Delegation. Our Alerts will help you with these phone calls, letters and/or e-mails.