What is a Citizen Lobbyist?

A Citizen Lobbyist for Rhode Island Right to Life is a person who agrees to contact public officials by phone, letter, e-mail, or even in person, urging the public official to support pro-life legislation or policies, or at times, to oppose policies that are not consistent with protecting innocent human life. RIRTL periodically issues “Action Alerts” via notice in the mail or e-mail to our Citizen Lobbyists concerning issues we would like them to contact their public officials about. For example, we may ask our Citizen Lobbyists to contact their State Representatives urging them to support the Women’s Right to Know bill.

A Rhode Island Right to Life Citizen Lobbyist should not be confused with a professional lobbyist who lobbies on a regular basis at the RI Statehouse or in Washington, D.C. No reports are required to be filed.

How do I become a Citizen Lobbyist?

To automatically receive our Legislative Action Email Alerts, please send us your email address: